Jason CoZmo

In September 2016, Jason CoZmo was offered an opportunity to take over a small drag brunch performing once a month in downtown Salt Lake City. With 18 years of experience, he knew exactly what this conservative state needed, glitter, rhinestones, and a little love. Despite claims that a regular celebrity and female impersonation show would never work in Utah, Jason knew that if anyone could do it, he was the man, and six women, for the job! With icons from Dolly Parton to Liza Minnelli to Julie Andrews to Bette Midler, Jason’s transformative abilities could dazzle and convert everyone from the wildest heathens to Mormon grandmas!

His solo abilities aside, Jason knew that the show he envisioned was so much more than he could build and produce on his own. Utilizing his years of experience, he began taking in local queens of all experience levels and grooming them to be performers worthy of the stage he had created. As his cast grew, so did his audiences. Shows with audiences of 40 people once a month grew to sold-out shows of almost 200 people every weekend. This commitment to producing Salt Lake City’s first professional celebrity and female impersonation show won Jason CoZmo “Best Actor” and “Best Leader of an LGBT Group” as well as awarding The Viva La DIVA Show “Best Local Theater Production,” “Best Saturday Night,” and “Best Theater Company” at the 2017 Fabby Awards.

As Jason will proudly tell you, this show is as grassroots as it gets. We build everything from the ground up, quite literally. From the stage to our costumes to the wigs on our heads, we create it all. This show is a labor of love put on by a group of incredibly talented people, from all walks of life, working together to create something that leaves audiences wanting more. What was once a single show once a month has grown into The Viva La DIVA Show, our celebrity and female impersonation show performed the second weekend of every month, and our specialty shows bringing nostalgic joy with Once Upon a DIVA, a spooky evening with Trick-or-Treat DIVA, and holiday cheer with Jolly Holiday DIVA! With all that we’ve accomplished, we can only look forward to the bright, sparkling future. As far as we’ve come, this is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

The Viva La DIVA Show performs multiple times a month at Metro Music Hall, located conveniently in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.


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